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Mike Harbon CBT, DAS, ERS & Advanced Motorcycle Instructor

Mike Harbon

Mike Harbon - Motorcycle Training InstructorI first slung my leg over a motorbike when I was 14 and used to annoy the local farmer riding a James 125cc two stroke around his field in 1969. I then ventured into the Mod phase and had a Lambretta Li150 until I joined the Royal Navy. After leaving the Royal Navy I spent 25 years in IT and Telecoms in a training role and was Head of Learning and Development for technical skills for the European region before becoming a full time motorcycle instructor.

Personally speaking, the best aspect of being an instructor is the huge satisfaction, in helping people achieve their dream.


Certificate in Consultative Skills
Diploma in Instructional Technique for Training Officers
DVSA Certified CBT Instructor
DVSA Certified DAS Instructor
IAM Advanced Rider
IAM certificate holder
RoSPA Advanced Rider
Advanced Riding Instructor
ERS Riding Certificate


Royal Navy
IT Training roles
Managerial positions held
Head of Training and Development
European Tour guide



What Our Customers Say

Me Aged 64, Can’t stop smiling like a Cheshire cat, who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Got my CBT today you would think I had won the Lotto, thanks to Mike.

How by hard work, patience and knowledge by the instructor. It took me a couple of goes but they got me there. I had a grip of a number 11 out of 10 – that’s a vice like grip of the handlebars and controls, instead of say a gentle 2 or 3 out of 10. It was ingrained into my head that the bike and I were not going on the floor, I know I’ll hold it up!! derr…

I can still hear Mike in my ear, cancel that signal Kevin, which I now do straight away after clearing the hazard.

See you all soon and you can strike up the Quattro, I will be back for the next phase to complete the Mod 1 and 2 tests. Thanks again

Kevin Barnes

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Mike Harbon

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