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0% Interest Free Motorcycle Training Affordable Training Payment Plans


The current economic climate means that it’s not easy finding the money in one go to get your motorcycle licence. But it doesn’t mean that it’s out of your reach.

At RMT we believe that you come first. Our priority is to make motorcycle training accessible and affordable to you on your terms.

That’s why we have secured a fantastic deal for you, so that you can take your motorcycle test without a big outlay in cost before you start your training.

0% Interest Free Motorcycle Training available for all customers.

Why have 0% Interest Free Motorcycle Training?

Not everyone has the available funds or large chunks of money to make up front payments for motorcycle training and tests. 

Paying 0% interest free over a period of time means you have the perfect budget plan to spread the cost. It means getting your motorcycle licence is affordable for everyone.

With a monthly payment plan arranged before you train, you know you’ll be able to afford it.

It makes sense to spread the cost with ‘0% Interest Free Motorcycle Training’ and have a budget that works for you.


If you think it’s out of your budget, think again. There’s no need to outlay the funds in one go. Have a plan for this year to ensure you get what you desire.

Our 0% Interest Free Motorcycle Training is right for many people and is the best way to budget.

Get your motorcycle licence the easy way. Our ‘train now and pay later’ option is a perfect solution and being 0% interest free, you’d be mad to not consider using it.


We will take away all the hassle for you. We’ll fill in all the paperwork and get an answer for you. All you need to do is click the link to start the ball rolling and fill in a few details to show your interest.

Our 0% interest free finance provider will then give you the green light to get your training underway.

  1. Decide if this solution is for you
  2. You let us know by filling in the initial form
  3. We call you to sort out a training plan
  4. We get a few more details from you
  5. We arrange the short term interest free loan for you
  6. You get an answer straight away
  7. When successful book your training
  8. Then start your motorcycle journey with us



Because we’ve secured a 0% interest free finance package for you. It will only cost you a monthly payment for up to 12 months paying back exactly what you borrowed.

The best part about it is, you spread the cost because you have a fixed amount to pay per month until you have finished the payment term.

No silly APR (Annual Percentage Rate) – just pay what you borrow to get your full motorcycle licence. It’s that simple.

SPREAD THE COST from 6-12 months


This is based on training required, cost for lessons and tests:-

  • CBT – x1 day  (£200)
  • 125 – x1 day (£250)
  • DAS – x2 days (£500)
  • Mod 1 test – x1 (£150)
  • Mod 2 test training – x1 day (£250)
  • Mod 2 test – x1 (£220)
  • Total cost £1570



Deposit £370 + £100 monthly payment (12 months)


£130.84 monthly payment (12 months)


£261.66 monthly payment (6 months)


What Our Customers Say

This has been a great help. Being able to borrow the money interest free has enabled me to get my motorcycle licence easy and without any fuss.

Thanks you for helping me gain my full motorbike licence by offering this package.

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