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RMT Motorcycle Training Who we really are and what makes us tick...

In the business of motorcycle training over 30 years

We give you the choice to make a smarter move with your future when you want the perfect start, make educated and informed decisions and take control of your own destiny. We show you commitment by using unique quality training programmes designed for you, we have a trusted reputation and thrive on your success.

We deliver you exciting, professional and executive coaching, delivered with courtesy and honesty, ensuring you develop strong basic foundations. You get the best results because training is our passion, you will receive transparent and quality guidance that fits your lifestyle. With your new found wisdom you will feel inspired and prepared for the exciting road ahead!

The highest professional standards

We are a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Approved Training Body (ATB) motorcycle training school, we exceed the standards of other organisations by achieving the industry Award and Accreditation by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA).

Coupled with this RMT Motorcycle Training are leading the way as one of the only training companies in the country to hold an ISO 9001/2018, which shows our level of commitment to our customers.

We also operate a customer charter to ensure our instructors maintain our high standard and deliver the best coaching possible to our clients.

Other professional organisations that we are members of or linked to include:

  • MCIA – Motorcycle Industry Association
  • MCITA – Motorcycle Industry and Training Association
  • RoSPA – The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
  • IAM – The Institute of Advanced Motorists
  • DVSA – Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
  • FSB – Federation of Small Businesses
  • SRP – The Safer Roads Partnership
  • Her Majesty’s Forces

Extensive preferred supplier status

Because of our commitment to perfection and extremely high delivery standards we are Preferred Suppliers for a number of professional organisations, including:

HM Forces: Delivering ELC funded courses, teaching military person how to become Motorcycle Instructors

NSL: Training their employees how to ride as part of their job specification, enabling them to maintain a safe environment for their workforce whilst delivering their daily role on the busy and congested roads of Birmingham

Jaguar Land Rover: JLR have used our services for many years, we were the first motorcycle training company to be registered as a preferred supplier to this impressive organisation

The Safer Roads Partnership: The SRP have a safety initiative called ‘Take Control’, we have been a preferred supplier for many years, training hundreds of riders during this period to reduce their rider risk by progressive education and teaching

Her Majesty’s Prison: HMP undertake a role of reintegration for the personnel in their care, because of our high profile coaching and training we have provided training courses for a number of people

Motorbike Shops: Due of our reputation for first class customer care we have a very good working relationship with Birmingham Kawasaki and KTM Birmingham, for many years we have also delivered high quality coaching to the customers of Harley Davidson Birmingham in their quest for freedom on two wheels.

RMT charitable efforts

We try to do our bit to help worthy causes and charities. As follows are a few of the ones we have helped along the way:

British Heart Foundation – £475.00
Redditch Children’s Play Council – £1200.00
Air Ambulance: Sept 2009 – £785.00
Cancer Research: Sept 2010 – £411.50
Air Ambulance: Sept 2010 – £411.50
Acorns Children’s Hospice: Dec 2010 – £2392.69
Air Ambulance: Sept 2011 – £610.00
Acorns Children’s Hospice: Dec 2011 – £744.17
McMillan Cancer Support: Aug 2011 – £1076.14
Steve Crookson Charity Ride H4H: Dec 2012 – £975.10
Acorns Children’s Hospice: Dec 2012 – £532.86
Portugal Tour H4H Will Moore fuel fund: Jun 2013 – £500.00
France Tour H4H: Sept 2013 – £425.00
Will Moore & H4H RMT donation: Oct 2013 – £200.00
Steve Crookson Charity Ride H4H: Oct 2013 – £720.70
Help for Heroes fund raising: Nov 2013 – £975.10
McMillan Cancer Support: Dec 2013 – £1076.14
Acorns Children’s Hospice: Dec 2013 – £3367.35
Portugal Tour for Acorns: May 2014 – £250.00
Wales trip for Acorns: July 2014 – £75.00
Steve Crookson Charity Ride Prostate Cancer : Sept 2014 – £700
Acorns Children’s Hospice: Dec 2014 – £1752.50
Portugal Tour for Rory the Robot: May 2015 – £400.00
France Tour for Rory the Robot: Sept 2015 – £250.00
Steve Crookson Charity Ride for Rory the Robot: Oct 2015 – £650.00
(Rory the Robot is a state of the art Prostate Cancer Machine)
Rory the Robot: Nov 2016 – £1954
Acorns Children’s Hospice: Dec 2016 – £1635

Steve Crookson Charity Ride for Rory the Robot: Dec 2017 – £500
Worcester Prostate Awareness Trust: Nov 2018 – £500
Worcester Prostate Awareness Trust: Dec 2019 – £500
Jan-Dec 2020 – Covid-19
Worcester Prostate Awareness Trust: 2021

Total amount raised to date: £26,044.75

What Our Customers Say

Having ridden bikes at 17/18 years of age and enjoyed every minute of it, marriage, house, kids all put a stop to that and some 30 years later, aged 48 years young, I decided I would see if I still had the buzz for biking so I decided to do my CBT in September 2016 and yes the buzz was back so I purchased a 125cc bike which I have ridden since then to get back into the swing of things until my desire for a bigger bike grew to the point where I decided to get my full A licence.

After an internet search of local riding instructors and telephone conversations with a few of them. most of which lasted no more than 5 minutes and was with someone on the other end of the phone who seemed very keen to take my hard earned cash without instilling me with confidence of either value for my money or more importantly value for my life learning to ride a bigger bike !

That all changed though when I spoke to Rachel at RMT who chatted to me for nearly 20 minutes and went through everything with me, informed me of the whole process from start to finish, answered everything I wanted to know and left me feeling inspired, completely at ease and definitely confident that my money was going to be invested wisely and my life was in safe hands – I was not wrong !!

I chose to have 3 days training for the Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests from RMT’s base in Tyseley, Birmingham, as it was closest to home and also as it would cover the area where I would eventually take my Mod 2 test so I would at least gain some knowledge of the roads that would be included in my test.

On each of the 3 days I had a different instructor namely Paul, Simon and Colin and on 2 out of those 3 days my instruction for at least half of each day was on a ‘one to one’ basis and each of the 3 instructors were equally incredibly knowledgeable, extremely friendly and very patient but each of them also took the time to share life stories and experiences, often funny, which made for a really relaxed environment in which to learn the serious stuff related to motorcycle safety and riding a bigger bike.

The 3 days were long and quite intense with plenty to learn but the amount of practical experience gained with ‘real’ time on the bike coupled with explanations on the ‘white board’ during lunch break and at the end of each day was also invaluable. The time on the actual Mod 1 test pad where I got to do 5 practice tests was a real bonus and invaluable to ensuring that when I arrived to take the test a few days later I knew exactly what to expect so I was far more relaxed and prepared and this certainly helped me to pass the Mod 1 without a single fault !!

After passing the Mod 1 test, Rachel then booked the Mod 2 for me and the date was just 2 weeks later so I did not have long to wait, in the interim period I practised what the guys had taught me on my 3 day course and when I found I had questions I needed answered I called Simon on his personal mobile phone, left a voice message and he called me back as soon as he could to answer my questions.

I was also able to email him with diagrams of ’roundabouts’ and questions relating to these and he replied with precise but detailed info to put my mind at complete rest and ensure I was ready for the Mod 2 test which just like my Mod 1 I passed with zero faults and comments from the examiner after the test on how good my ride was – all down to the superb tuition I received from Paul, Simon and Colin over the 3 day course and also after this by way of telephone calls and emails.

In short RMT are a superbly professional, customer focused, excellent and safe provider of motorcycle tuition and a company who I would recommend, without a moments hesitation, to anyone wishing to either embark on their motorcycling journey or those looking to further their ability and experience, I will certainly be booking with them again for further training as I start the next chapter in my motorcycling adventure.

Tim Delaney

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