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Motorcycle training with a difference

If you are looking for a bespoke motorcycle training programme, look no further. We will ensure your journey to riding a motorcycle is hassle free, just turn up with your licence and theory test pass certificate. We will guide you through the process with ease, the adventure starts here.

We are extremely pleased to offer this VIP package, it is for those who want to experience a training programme with a difference, almost unlimited training so that we ensure there are no stones unturned in your preparation to pass the motorcycle tests and be ready for the future beyond.

We have a comprehensive training programme designed to give you the confidence and ability to pass the test with ease, train over a period of time without cramming it in. In many cases training schools try to get you through the training too quickly, in an unrealistic time frame. This course will guide you through every step of the way, in military style so that your training plan is robust, thorough, at your pace and most of all thoroughly enjoyable.

This is what the VIP treatment is going to consist of and we will discuss this bespoke training programme with you prior to it starting and put a plan together based on your individual requirements, diary schedule and ability.

What's included?

  • CBT course – guaranteed pass
  • 3 full days training
  • 5 days bike hire
  • Module 1 motorcycle test
  • Module 2 motorcycle test
  • 1 full day advanced training
  • Access to Motorcycle Riders Hub full membership

Tailored to your specific needs

When you first enrol you will be given bespoke Training Video lessons that we have had commissioned for RMT Motorcycle Training, to give you information about negotiating junctions and roundabouts. Along with access to our very own Module 1 and Module 2 training videos that guide you through each test, step by step to ensure you are fully prepared for each test. You can watch these videos in the comfort of your own home and ensure you understand all the theory behind passing the motorcycle tests. The videos give you explanations and demonstrations on how to pass each test.

The course will be tailored specifically to your training needs, starting with a CBT course that we have ensured is a guaranteed pass. If you need some further time on the bike to ensure that your skills are spot on, we will ensure that you are comfortable and ready to proceed.

After the CBT you will have a full day training on a 125cc motorcycle, to ensure you have all the relevant skills to move up to the larger motorcycle when you are absolutely ready, this day will fill you with confidence and allow you to be comfortable to ride alone in any situation.

We will encourage you to have our bespoke training practice of bike rental for 5 consecutive days, this will give you a whole new perspective of life on two wheel. It will allow you to improve at your own pace and take the opportunity to practice all the skills in your own time. We recommend this is taken between 125 and the larger motorcycle training.

Also includes advanced training

You will then embark on 2 full days training on the DAS course, riding a Suzuki Gladius 650. Your training will incorporate time at the Multi Purpose Test Centre, where the actual Module 1 motorcycle test will take place and lots of different riding scenarios to ensure you are fully prepared for both tests. If you need it to ensure you are feeling absolutely confident we will give you further training at the Mod 1 test centre until you are test ready.

A Module 1 motorcycle test will follow and in the unlikely event that you were not successful we will throw in another test for you too. Further on road training if we think you need to to be prepared for the next test and you will embark on the Module 2 motorcycle test, to ensure you are now ready for life on two wheels. Again in the unlikely event that your nerves overcome you, we will ensure you are again ready and prepared for another test and we will give you a second test as part of the package.

It doesn’t stop there, we want to ensure that your riding career starts off properly, we will give you a full day advanced training too, you will learn how to ride on the open road and have the necessary skills to enjoy your future biking years to the full. You can then come and join us on one of our European tours at a discount price.

What Our Customers Say

“I like to apply this outlook to life and I think it applies well when choosing RMT Motorcycle Training: ‘Aim high and you’ll achieve somewhere near it; aim low and you will achieve low!’ 

Not all training companies are equal, RMT’s standards are set at a high level. With your help (RMT Team) and training I achieved somewhere near these high standards and obtained my full bike licence within a short space of time. Thank you Simon and RMT Motorcycle Training.”

Dave Graesser

VIP Motorcycle Training Package

Stop dreaming & start riding – we’ll take you on the journey. You’re just one call away from your destination.

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