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Boost your motorcycle skills with Take Control

Want to pass your motorcycle test? Receive a huge reduction in cost when you choose the Take Control funding to help with your your motorcycle lessons. The course cost is only £50.00 for a full day training, the balance is paid by the West Mercia Police using local authority contributions. You can take advantage of this unique gift to help you prepare for your motorcycle test. We will guide you through the easy process to book in.

To be eligible for the Take Control course for smaller powered two wheeler’s, you must have completed a CBT course, it doesn’t matter if you have done that somewhere else. The course is open to any aged rider and the aim is to ensure you understand how to handle your motorcycle on today’s busy and congested roads, taking into account other road users, their actions and being able to avoid incidents by riding defensively.

Targeted at inexperienced riders

RMT Motorcycle Training is the preferred supplier for West Mercia Police to deliver Take Control motorcycle training and education. This course is targeted at inexperienced riders, the aim of the day is to enhance your ability and confidence which will help you to get ready to pass your motorcycle test with this training and development programme.

Take Control has been introduced to help motorcyclists become safer riders on our roads at a greatly reduced cost to the individual, who are encouraged to ‘Take Control’ of their own riding ability and motorcycling future. Once you have your CBT you can come and train with us for £50.00 to give you an essential guide into better motorcycle skills that will help you to pass your motorbike tests (terms and conditions apply).

Take Control course for smaller machines (50 - 125cc)

Bike handling skills will be the foundation of this course and you will also be taught how to steer the motorcycle correctly and use good braking techniques to ensure stability.

Other information

For reservations and booking information, please call one of the RMT office staff for course details, dates and your contribution can be made at the time of booking (terms and conditions apply).

A Take Control training record will be completed for each rider, highlighting areas covered throughout the day, risk areas that have been identified and also a future development training programme will be discussed and given on completion. We look forward to seeing you soon. The provision of this course is subject to terms, conditions and available funding.

What Our Customers Say

Finally I’ve got round to thanking all the RMT staff for enabling me to pass 1st time (with a clean sheet), a testament to the high level of skill you guys have. A special thanks to the girls on reception, to Tom who took me through 125, Colin on day 1 of the big bike and Trevor on day 2, they all gave me tons of confidence and i felt ready. 

A final mention to Simon who on the morning of my test, settled my nerves – an hour later euphoria!!!!  I’m still smiling. I’ve bought a CBR 600 and am loving it. It was a great feeling when the L plates came off. I will be back soon to complete the Enhanced Rider Scheme.

Gregg Ford

Take Control of your future

Stop dreaming & start riding – we’ll take you on the journey. You’re just one call away from your destination.