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Track day training Training in an alternative environment greatly enhanced skills

Bespoke track day training to boost your skills

Being part of the unique RMT Riders Club brings many benefits and different experiences. Our bespoke track days are organised if you want to go along with like minded people for your first track day, you can be guided through the day by our more seasoned instructors. Or just go along with a bunch of people as a social event so that you don’t attend on your own, the choice is yours.

Experience the freedom of track riding. You will learn new skills that will not only help you on the track but will dramatically improve the way you ride on the road too. It is thrilling, exciting and exhilarating all at the same time, you will get a buzz from it, butterflies with nerves and apprehension of the unknown. All of these feelings are absolutely normal, you won’t experience anything like it unless you do extreme sports.

Track day motorcycle training is a great experience.

Track skills can greatly boost road riding skills

This social event on the track has been specifically developed by RMT Motorcycle Training to help and encourage riders at an introductory level on the track. Too many riders have had ‘close calls’ on the road which are caused by too much speed at the wrong time, misjudging the situation or their ability, tunnel vision, braking mid-corner or holding on too tight. On a track, these errors can be addressed which will not only help you on the track itself, but also with your road riding too. You will be surprised how quickly your skills will improve from just one day on the track, with a little help.

If you are a novice track rider who may be venturing on to the track for the first time, we understand that you might be apprehensive, we will guide you through an informal training programme if you want some free advice. You will then have the confidence to do more track days on your own. If you already have experience on the track and want further advice on how to improve, we can take a look at your riding and see if we can point you in the right direction if you are having any problems.

Trystan Finocchiaro - a young star in the making

RMT Motorcycle Training are happy to support Trystan Finocchiaro, a young local riding star that has high hopes for the future, we were first introduced when he completed his CBT on a moped during 2015. We certainly hope we didn’t slow his pace down on the track with our strict rules on rider safety on the road. We are pleased to say he sailed through easily and has left his mark as a very bright and extremely likeable young man.

We are extremely pleased to be sponsoring this young talented and local racer. He is one to watch in the future on his quest for BSB and beyond, have a look at him on the video to the right and watch his progress over the coming years, what an exciting prospect and we wish him every success in the future. Good luck for the future, from the RMT Team.

Redditch race ace Trystan Finocchiaro enjoyed a fantastic pre season testing session on his rebuilt RRV450 GP race bike around the circuit de Cartagena, Spain’s number one test track in January. Trystan’s confidence going into this year’s racing is very high after his premature exit from last years racing after he high sided at Donington Park last September. Trystan had high hopes for a podium finish in 2016 and managed to do this before heading into next season on a 600cc. This young racer is grateful for as much support as possible this year, so please help and get behind him this year and keep an eye open for him in the future.

If you are interested in sponsoring Trystan in anyway you can, please let us know and we will pass on your details and if you can support him during the season, his race meeting are listed below.

What Our Customers Say

Very knowledgeable instructors with plenty of experience. Very much enjoyed my time learning with RMT. They offer a professional environment whilst still giving the customer means to enjoy their journey onto two wheels. Would recommend to anyone of any experience looking to learn how to ride safely and properly.

Trystan Finocchiaro

Thank you for your kind words. I thoroughly enjoyed training you and slowing you down a little bit, I just hope it does not stop you riding as fast on that race track! Having seen you in action on the WSB stage, i was blown away by your mature thinking on two wheels. Best of luck for the future

Simon Hayes

Training on the Track hones your skills

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