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Our main agenda is safe riding

RMT Riders Club and Forum: Anyone who is taking learner motorcycle training, passed their test, undertaken any Advanced tuition or been abroad with us automatically qualifies to join our unique RMT Riders Club.

The main agenda of our club is ‘safe riding’ on the road. Our objective is simple and that is to get new riders of a similar ability together at an early stage in their riding, to improve their skills at the same pace and get home in one piece after every ride. RMT Riders Club and Forum is well established and as our riders progress, they help the new members of the group with their knowledge and experience.

It gives riders the experience and more importantly, the confidence to venture off on their own and take a look at the bigger world that’s out there. The RMT Riders Club and Forum has been taken advantage of by many people who have needed help and advice in their early days and are now fully competent to venture further afield without anyone holding their hand. This is one of the many benefits of starting with a club that has safety in mind, remember, you are not tied to the club you can use it as a stepping stone before you move on.

Wealth of experience

There are many reasons to be part of the RMT Riders Club and Forum. You may have just passed your test and no-one within your circle of friends or family rides a motorcycle. You can join our group and ride out with them as frequently as you like. Maybe it is the social aspect that you are looking for, you may be a motorcyclist who has moved into the area and wants to meet like-minded people?

Some people are looking for help with the purchase or maintenance of a motorbike, we can help with that too. The club is there just for you, so there is no need to feel isolated in your riding or in any of your motorcycle decisions.

Within the club, there is a wealth of experience and there will always be someone who can help you. We have a great family atmosphere with lots of friendly faces and plenty of advice on tap for all your biking matters.

Membership benefits

Monthly ride-outs: As part of the club social scene we organise monthly rides from Spring through to Autumn, these rides are for everyone in the Club who want to meet up and enjoy a Sunday morning ride. You will learn how to ride in a group safely and also get some free tips on Advanced Riding techniques.

Training discounts: You will receive discounts on ERS (Enhanced Rider Scheme) and Advanced Rider Training, which will help reduce your insurance premium once you have received the completion certificate.

Motorcycle tours: Every year we organise trips in the UK and to the Continent. Come and join us and learn advanced and group riding techniques whilst enjoying the fantastic scenery, routes and company.

Bike maintenance: We have an excellent and trusted club mechanic for any repairs, modifications or servicing you require on your motorcycle. We can also pass on our trade discounts to our members for motorcycle tyres. We have good relationships with many motorcycle shops in the area who will grant you 10% off your bill when you mention you are part of the RMT Riders Club.

Social outings: Aside from our monthly ride outs and social events, we have a Christmas get together as well as organising a number of charity events throughout the year.

Keep in touch: You will be given access to our members only club forum where you can discuss anything with fellow members from ‘what is the best buy’ to the latest happenings in the MotoGP.

What Our Customers Say

I had the good fortune of choosing RMT to teach me to ride. I was a complete novice. The training I received from Simon and his team, from CBT through to a full licence was exceptional. Mostly one to one, the training syllabus was fully structured and enabled a natural flow from instructor to student, modified where necessary, to cater for my many weaknesses!

After passing my Mod 2 I knew there was still much to learn – roads are demanding enough for biking before throwing in a mix of my new skills, weather, road conditions … and other motorists. An old military saying came to mind – Train hard, fight easy!

Further training with RMT learning advanced techniques proved useful in helping to extend my life. Additionally, RMT conduct fully supported tours into Europe. Simon’s attention to detail ensures that the trips are fun, professionally conducted and any instructional requirements by the group are comprehensively and skilfully provided. Simon and his team thrive on teaching, supporting & nurturing the newbies(!) Having been a student of RMT and having had basic and advanced training with them, including European tours.

I feel qualified to comment as a student. Coupled with my experience as an ex RN Flight Instructor & Examiner, I feel qualified to comment on the quality of the instruction I received. Excellent. Exceptional. It is Simon’s total commitment to excellence, providing the very best instruction, using the very best techniques and the very best Instructors that is so pleasing – and rare!

Roger Sugden

RMT Motorcycle Riders Club

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